The use of the service offered by Labsitters is subject to full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. At the moment of acceptance a contract is formed between “Labsitterssrls” (hereinafter “Labsitters” or also “Provider”) and You (“User”), concerning the services as defined
Derogations from these Terms and Conditions are subject to prior written authorization by Labsitters.
On-line acceptance is indicated by positioning a check mark on the box “I accept Terms and Conditions”. By positioning this check mark you confirm having read, understood and accepted without reservation the following document.
In order to use the service it is also necessary to confirm having read the Privacy Policy, which acts as the “informativa privacy” in accordance with art.13 D.Lgs. 196/2003, by placing a check mark in the appropriate box. It is then necessary to express consent to the processing of personal data by indicating one’s preferences in the same screen.

Terms and Conditions of the services accessible through the website.
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions are applied:
“Labsitters”: persons who have passed a preliminary phone interview to verify their language level and then a face to face meeting. All Labsitters must have at least a C1 level in the language of their choice. After the Labsitters training course, they are ready to offer their services as Labsitters on the days they have given their availability.
“Flag”: a check mark placed electronically on a box next to the condition you accept.
“Provider”: Labsitters S.r.l.s., company authorized by force of law to pursue the activity of  intermediation by Internet website, with domicile in via G. Vico 8, 50136 Firenze;
The parents can register online and then access their reserved area of the website, where they can see the record of their bookings.
“Web portal”: the website where the services provided by the Labsitters are presented
2. Functioning of the web portal
1. Through the Labsitters website the User can activate an Account and purchase one of the services available on the website (for example a cooking, art or game lab). The activation of an account by the parents is free; after having chosen the type of Lab, the time and the day, the User will be asked to insert their credit card data.
The payment data will be used exclusively for the payment of the Labsitter and of all the other services for which a compensation is due according to the Terms and Conditions.They will be stored on the servers of the partner that handles the payment platform.
The Partner that handles the payment platform is PAYPAL

The parents must purchase a lab at least 12 hours in advance so that the Labsitter has time to organize the lesson. In case the parents want to cancel the lesson and have a refund, they can do so up to 24 hours before the scheduled lab. A full refund minus the cost of the Paypal operation will be given. If the 24h limit has passed, it is still possible to reschedule the lab up to 12 hours before. After this 12h limit it is no longer possible to make changes nor have a refund.
At the moment the service is active only in the city of Florence, not the province. It is not possible to book laboratories outside of the city. In case a lab is booked outside the city, we will refund the amount minus the cost of the Paypal operation.
2. Once registered as stated in the Terms and Conditions, the parents can contact Labsitters as follows:
1. The parents at the moment of booking are asked to specify the day and hour they want the lab. They will also choose the language (English, French or Spanish).
2. The parents will be asked to specify the number of children participating in the lab and their ages
3. The parents will have to indicate the address where they want the lab to take place. A summary screen will then appear.
4. On the day of the lab purchased by the parents, the Labsitter will go to the address indicated by the parents and will proceed with the lab for as many hours agreed upon at the purchase. In case of doubts or further questions, contact
1. Once the lab is over, the parents will receive an email with a link where they can leave a Feedback on their opinion of the Labsitter’s work and a Feedback on the Labsitters services.
3. Account registration
3.1 In order to have access to the services selected it is necessary to register and activate a User Account. The User Account is personal, and the non authorized use of another person’s User Account is a violation of the present Terms and Conditions, and could be a violation of
the law.
The registration of legal entities without authorization by the Labsitters site is forbidden.
The User undertakes to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied, to promptly inform Labsitters of any changes to the data provided at the moment of registration, and if needed, to amend them.
It is possible to change the given personal data at any time.
Since Labsitters does not have the means to certify the accuracy of the personal information provided by the Users who request its services, Labsitters is not responsible in case of a member’s identity theft.
In case of suspected theft of credentials or account hacking, the User is required to inform Labsitters immediately. The access to an account is possible only through credentials (name and password) which the user is required to keep confidential. Labsitters is not responsible in
case of loss of credentials by a member. Once one is registered, access to the website is valid for an unlimited time. The company reserves the right to end the access at any time.

In case of non compliance with the rules by the user, the access to the personal area can be suspended immediately and without notice, temporarily or definitely, by deactivating the account, without prejudicing the validity of the company’s other rights.
3.4 In order to register a User Account, it is necessary to fill out the registration forms with complete and accurate information. Only the User is responsible for the activities carried out through their own Account, therefore they must keep their access credentials in a safe place; if
they don’t, the User Account holder will be held responsible for any illicit activity carried out through their own credentials.
3.5 The access password can be changed by the User at any moment. The User undertakes to immediately inform the Provider if they notice any non authorized use or security violation pertaining to their own account. The Provider cannot be held responsible in any way for the behavior of a User in violation of the present article, and in any case cannot be held
responsible for damages deriving from security violations, unauthorized accesses, or any other event that depends on the User’s behavior.
In any case, the Provider reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel the Account of one or more Users, at its discretion and without prior notice, if deemed necessary in order to protect commercial interests, and/or for similar reasons and/or in accordance with orders from competent Authorities.
3.6 At the moment of registration it is necessary to provide the following information for a Parent User Account: city, name, surname, date of birth, cell phone number, address, e-mail, password, credit card data.
3.7 The information listed in the article 3.6 is necessary for the correct functioning of the index systems and, in general, for carrying out all of the activities on the website. If the User doesn’t provide all of the required information, it will not be possible to activate the Account and to use
the services of the Application.
5. Intellectual Property Rights
5.1 The Contents on the Portal are registered intellectual property or licensed to the Provider, and therefore subject to the norms of copyright law. The Contents can include intellectual property that is registered and protected by International Treaties.
It is severely forbidden to use, copy, reproduce, transmit, sell, license the Contents. Moreover, the User, in absence of prior written authority, may not make use of the Contents in contrast to the purposes prescribed by the present Terms and Conditions. The Provider reserves all rights to the Contents, including those not explicitly stated on the Portal.
13. Modifications of the present Terms and Conditions of use

13.1 The Provider can modify the present Terms and Conditions at any time, without advanced notice to the Users.
13.2 Users will be notified of any modifications of the Terms and Conditions by email, as soon as these appear on the web portal. If, because of the modifications, a User no longer wants to use their Account, they can contact the Provider and request the closing of the Account. If there is no communication from the User within 15 days of the modifications of the Terms and Conditions, such modifications will be considered known and accepted by the User.
14. Miscellaneous
14.1 Through the present Terms and Conditions the Provider intends to regulate only the use of the Application and the use of the web portal. The Terms and Conditions don’t apply to any other service.

14.2 The Users acknowledge and accept that the use of the Portal as a means to intermediate between supply and demand of work is forbidden, and they agree not to enter contents pertaining to supply and demand of work that violate this prohibition.
14.3 Any illicit use will cause suspension/ removal of the Account.
15 Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Competence
15.1 The present agreement is subject to Italian law. Notwithstanding any possible different connecting factors of single legal orders or International Conventions, any controversy that may arise between the parts on the interpretation or execution of this agreement will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts, with exclusive competence of the court of Florence.
16. Translation
16.1 If the present Terms and Conditions are translated in another  language, the Italian version will still be considered to prevail.