Labsitters is renowned in Tuscany for providing high quality entertainment services to young guests at events such as weddings, corporate events and conferences.

We have active partnerships with many locations in the area and with wedding planners from all over the world!

The Labsitters team has combined the educational aspect with play, creating a targeted entertainment service for younger guests and children at events of all types, including: conferences, weddings, promotions, anniversaries…

The service is available in both Italian and English, and upon request, also in German and French.

We guarantee a fun, engaging, but always discreet entertainment service that won’t disturb the event in progress.

Our service is characterised by the skill and professionalism of our entertainment team.

Our services

With Labsitters, little guests are well cared for by a highly qualified team of native Italian and English speakers, who organise tailor-made activities. Labsitters allows parents and caregivers the opportunity to enjoy the event and relax, safe in the knowledge their children are well cared for.

The Labsitters team assists the client in choosing the most suitable package for their needs. Information on the event such as duration, number of children, space available etc… will allow our events team to evaluate the most suitable activities and workshops to entertain the children in the best way as to ensure they have fun and create lasting memories!

For your event Labsitters offers 3 packages to choose from:

Classic package

Premium package

Deluxe package

Classic package

Includes various activities and games designed based upon the number and ages of the young participants, paying special attention to the spaces available by the facilities.

Our Labsitters will present themselves on the day of the event with all the tools necessary to host the activities some include: group games, treasure hunts, quizzes, riddles, games with music and much more!

Premium package

Location permitting, by choosing the Premium formula, the Basic formula is extended to add our Art Lab activities!

But don't worry, you won't have to worry about the little guests getting dirty!
Our staff have created stain-proof workshops, to keep any delicate or special outfits clean and presentable.

All materials for our creative art and game labs will be provided by Labsitters, examples include:
Salt mosaic, printmaking, ceramic pots and so much more!

Deluxe package

The Deluxe package is our most complete offer.

In addition to the original and Premium activities, the Deluxe package offers the possibility to customise the table or tables reserved for younger guests with gadgets, balloons and toys etc…

In addition, children will receive a Polaroid camera to take photos to remember the special day!

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