We have developed our educational method via three different mediums: private online lessons, private lessons at home and group lessons at our teaching facility or partnering facilities.

All of our courses include the same effective educational methods and through the combination of teaching and play, learning is never dull!

Our courses allow children to learn in a stimulating environment with a practical approach.

Our didactic method

Specifically designed for children that are divided by age and skill level.

Our online courses are structured to ensure that regardless of age, skill and interest that children can equally and easily participate in lessons with their Labsitter.

The division of the program into age groups is precise to ensure that the learning path is suited to the needs of the children.

Online meetings for 3-year-olds are play focused and a chance to discover the language for the first time. The child is joined by the sounds of the English language through song, movement games and simple practical workshops.

The activities are short and alternate with each other, sparking curiosity and an interest to play and explore the language.

For children aged 4 to 5, play based lessons are an opportunity for discovery, following a path of simple topics recognised by children such as colours, animals, parts of the face, geometric shapes and toys.

In this way, children approach the language through games, music and creation.

These labs are structured to meet the child's need to experiment and ignite their curiosity, with a learning process that is tailored to their skills and needs.

This program ensures that through listening and repetition, children absorb the language in a natural and playful way.

For children aged 6 to 7, along with our playful approach, we also present listening activities and use the repetition of words to build vocabulary, firstly the spoken word followed by the written.

The program of lessons covered for this age group are topics already familiar to children at school and our lessons develop their understanding further, we do so in a way that the language is as clear to the child as possible.

Further studies are carried out with games, interactive videos and didactic cards so that the child can utilise all the skills they have gained throughout their learning so far, such as listening, speaking and writing in this kinetic learning environment.

The path for children aged 8- 10 years is a mix of scholastic content and practical materials. In this way a child can consolidate their current knowledge whilst learning and developing in new topics to ensure their imagination is not stifled but stimulated.

With this age group we work on the construction of spoken and written sentences, on comprehension exercises and short readings, to cover all the skills necessary to learn the language successfully.

Two formulas have been created: ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’ in order to meet the needs of children who may need help in reviewing some topics and a program for those who have already learnt the basics of the language.

Finally, the lessons for preteens aged 11- 13 years are based on two levels: ‘entry level’ and ‘advanced’.

Entry level reviews topics covered at school by practising with the basics of grammar and syntax to create and develop the necessary foundations of knowledge in the language.

Advanced is a path where the child is able to develop and build upon their knowledge through a more challenging programme of activities that work on building conversational skills and enhancing vocabulary and pronunciation. The drafting of short texts are introduced also, to develop writing, grammar and syntax skills.

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