Make your party unique!

Labsitters offers an innovative entertainment service for birthday parties or events, which can be customised according to the age of the children and their interests!

The parties are centred on fun-filled group activities, immersive games, treasure hunts and upon request it is possible to organise creative workshops with art, cooking or science!

All activities and games are designed on the basis of age, interest and location.
Upon request it is possible to customise the theme of the party to make your party totally unique!
With Labsitters every party is one of a kind!

Examples of some of our most recent parties:


For Anna’s 13th birthday party she decided to host a real cooking competition, where she and her guests had fun challenging each other to create the most beautiful dishes!

Treasure hunt at the farm

For animal lover Diletta we organised a fantastic treasure hunt in the woods to celebrate her 8th birthday!

Themed birthday parties

Mattia, 5 years old, was fond of mystical animals! Together he and his little guests created incredible dragon and unicorn masks!!

Birthday Lab

For little Veronica on her 7th birthday, we created a party filled with games and creativity!
A Christmas themed lab was created to celebrate her birthday in an unconventional way, adding Christmas decorations to the program for the upcoming festivities!

Our packages

For your special event we offer three different packages:




Classic package

By choosing the classic package, the entertainment service includes a selection of fun activities and games for all ages.

Labsitters will take care of the program, materials and equipment necessary to carry out the activities.

Group activities can include: treasure hunts, quizzes, music games, pass the parcel, piñata and much more!

Premium package

By choosing the Premium package, the Classic formula is extended to add our Labs.

Not only will children have fun with games and group activities, but also with our art or science workshops. The parent will receive a selection of workshops that are offered based upon the age of the children, the group size and the space available.
Examples of workshops include: making your own bag, unicorn decoration, puppet making, coloured salt craft, exploding volcano and much more...

All materials will be provided by Labsitters and each child will be given a kit with everything they’ll need, allowing children to go home with a beautiful keepsake to remember the party by.

Deluxe package

The Deluxe package is the most complete package offered by Labsitters.

In addition to the Classic and Premium activities, the following are included:

Customisation of the laboratory table and labs.
Polaroid photo album: For the children to get creative taking photos and adding them to their own uniquely designed album!