English lessons at home

Labsitters offers at home English, Spanish, French language courses in Florence, in the form of labs.

The activities are suited for children starting from 3 years old to preadolescents (13 years old).

It is possible to choose an individual or a group lab, according to the parents’ preference: on the days, times and for the length that is
most suitable.

Each course is personalized  for the child or group of children, considering their level of English, Spanish or French.

The purpose is for the children to learn a language, through fun activities in an environment where they feel at ease: their home o a friend’s
home in the case of small groups.

How it works?


The project Labsitters in Florence, created and developed by Giulia Fantacci and Stefanie Smith, favors children’s learning of foreign languages or also maintain children’s bilingualism, through fun recreational activities. All of the activities are in fact entirely carried out in English.

They are addressed to children and pre-teens: in the age range from 3 to 13 years old. The level of difficulty of each lab is carefully adapted to the children’s ages. Giulia and Stefanie have reinvented an approach to learning languages through art projects, games, cooking, science experiments and many other activities.

Just as in sports, a certain frequency is necessary to maximize the benefits of the language labs, ideally with one or two lessons a week. Thanks to our package deals , it is possible to take advantage of special promotions.


Labsitters carefully selects and trains its staff, who must be mother tongue.

Besides being mother tongue, the people who work for Labsitters must have three passions in common with the method conceived by Giulia Fantacci and Stefanie Smith: 1) a love for teaching 2) a passion, interest and patience to interact with children; 3) a great creative ability to continuously plan new activities and modern labs that catch the little ones’ attention, to favor their learning of a foreign language through play.

Labsitters continuously provides updated training for its team, to maintain a high standard of the services offered. For more information about Labsitters, visit our website.


The labs consist in various activities carried out at home, entirely in the language chosen: English, French or Spanish.

The parents don’t need to worry about the materials: everything necessary is provided by the Labsitter, who also cleans up at the end of the activity.

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How to book labs?

It’s easy

You can book a lab on our website, reserving the chosen date and time, or by WhatsApp, or by e-mail.
Costs vary based on the number of children.

You can choose between art, cooking, science, and game labs: for each of these, there are vast possibilities.

For example, in an art lab you can create a robot, a toy animal; in a coking lab you can prepare muffins, pizza, or cupcakes, while in a game lab you can play table games such as Memory or bingo.

During the labs, the Labsitters teach children new words and how to use them, making each “lesson” different and, above all, fun.

What they say about us

Lessons/sessions entirely in English, very stimulating because the activities are always new and fun for the children. My daughters have always joyfully participated and their approach to English has certainly improved. The themes of the labs are varied and fun.
The teachers have always been so friendly and professional!

Ilaria (Azzurra and Artemide’s mom)Firenze

My daughters were enthusiastic about Labsitters’ gardening, cooking and nail design labs.
A real discovery in Florence, 100% in English! A smart and captivating way for children to approach the English language. What a great project Giulia Fantacci! We are with you!

Claudia (Guia and Lavinia’s mom)Scandicci


Labsitters organizes customized parties for children. Lots of creativity goes into the organization of original games to transform a party into something special and unique!

Summer camps

Labsitters organizes summer camps in English, with mother tongue staff.

Every day there are treasure hunts, laboratories and outside games.


Through the labs in their homes children learn English, French or Spanish while enjoying themselves in creative activities: whether they are games, cooking activities or artistic laboratories. All the material is prepared by the Labsitters team: parents can relax knowing that their child is having fun and learning a foreign language at the same time. All in their own home!

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